wondering about god?

There are way too many miracles around us every day to believe there isn’t at least some kind of Intelligent Designer that rules the universe.  Think about it:  Perfection is everywhere, beauty abounds, love and compassion are demonstrated every day and flawless natural laws - from gravity to the boiling point of water - rule the universe.  Intellectual honesty won’t allow us to say, “Oh, that was just the product of millions of years of accidental collisions of atoms and molecules.”   If these are thoughts you’ve had before, you’re not alone.  Evidence of God is everywhere – His autograph is all over creation, and even mankind himself.  That’s because God loves everything He created, and doesn’t want us to navigate life alone.  Granted this world can be a very harsh, and sometimes even a deadly place, but this should be even more of a reason to find out if God is Real. 

Pastor Alex


P.S. If you'd like to know more about the One who made you, click on the images above to go to one of these websites:   EveryStudent.com , GrowingInChrist.net , and WhoIsJesus-Really.com .