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Wonder About God?

There are way too many miracles floating around us every day to believe there isn’t at least some kind of Intelligent Designer in the universe. Think about it: Perfection is everywhere, beauty abounds, love and compassion are common emotions, and natural laws seem to run almost everything – from gravity, to the boiling point of water. Intellectual honesty won’t allow us to say, “Oh, that was just the product of millions of years of accidental collisions of atoms and molecules.”

Even our human bodies seem to have this unquenchable drive to survive, and the wherewithal to heal most diseases and afflictions – seemingly automatically. On top of that, most of us would have to admit there’s some kind of spiritual realm just beyond our sight. The intangible realities of things like love, our sense of right and wrong, and our sensitivity to injustice all speak of something invisible, yet very pervasive that can’t be summed up as mere coincidence.

So if there is such a spiritual realm, what is it and how do we access it? And how do we know that what we’re pursuing isn’t just one more by-product of our over-active (or over-medicated) imagination?

If these are thoughts you’ve had before, you’re not alone. Many people have concluded that the evidence of a Creator is everywhere – His autograph is all over creation, including upon mankind himself.

That’s because He loved everything He created, and didn’t want us to attempt navigating this life alone. Granted, without Him, this world can be a very harsh, and sometimes even a deadly place. But the difficulties we encounter should never cause us to give up the search. Instead, we ought to be propelled into it! So if you’d like to know more about Someone we think explains it all, click on one of the sites below.  Check it out – never stop learning, researching and seeking till you know that you know you’ve found the answers.


All About Creation

Does God Exist?

Upcoming Events

New Sermon Series:  "Spiritual Gifts:  YOUnique in Christ" - Find out what YOUR Spiritual Gifts are, here and here.
Sun. June 25: Missions Market after service. Support our missionary Anna Marie Mazzone by creating something to sell or buying something at our artisan's market!
Sun. July 2:  Freedom Sunday!  Invite your friends and family to join us as we celebrate Independence Day with a BBQ Potluck following service.  Burgers and Dogs and Drinks will be provided.  Bring your favorite side dish!
August 18-20: Save the date for RCC's FREE, no-host Family Camp on Camano Island!  Everyone's invited, details coming soon.
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