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The Latest Building News

Now that We’re Here…(April 2011)

Here’s the latest email from my friend, Anne Lockmiller at King County Surplus Land Sales Dept:

Hi there, Alex. Good afternoon.

Parks Division had a discussion with Council staff and the executive’s office on Friday, March 25th regarding Parks’ proposed sale to RCC. It has been suggested that Parks now discuss this directly with the council members who would most likely be sponsoring a purchase and sale agreement between County and RCC so that we would be assured that once a purchase and sale hits Council for the final consideration, concerns about selling a portion of a park will have already been contemplated. To my understanding, Parks will be trying to set this meeting as soon as possible. I see this continuing to move in a positive direction. By the time Parks has this discussion with the relative council members, this South Portion of Petrovitsky will have been discussed by the major players in deciding to release the area for sale.

I continue to admire your patience and perseverance. I will be in touch as soon as I have word of when this meeting will take place.

Thank you, Alex.


500 4th AVENUE, ROOM 500
(206) 205-5638

So as I hung out with Jesus and asked Him for a response (the saints of old simply called that “prayer”)….

I had a little “dream time” about the possible future of God’s purposes for us here at RCC. It went something like this:

I have visions of building… not just a sanctuary for believers alone… but rather a place for the entire community to gather…

A place where we would have the privilege of providing for all kinds of needs, where the entire community can come and be served by God’s people, and eventually be introduced to the One who made us all…

We may be the heart of the community here in the “Woods”…Fair-wood, Candle-wood, Ridge-wood, North-wood, Carriage-wood, Wood-side…maybe we could be the heart-of-the-woods, or the”heartwood” of our community.

So I looked up the definition of Heartwood in Wikipedia. It sounds like it just might fit what God’s up to among us… “As a tree grows, its cambium expands, leaving heartwood behind its sapwood. This heartwood is the result of protection from decay as the plant responds by blocking the xylem vessels with gums, resins and waxes, the waste products of photosynthesis.

“These contain high levels of volatile organic compounds called terpenes that are toxic to tree pathogens such as bacteria, fungi and insect larvae. The heartwood or injured portions of the plant therefore receive protection from decay as long as the levels of terpenes are maintained high enough to deter or control pathogens.”

By the way, along with their role as major biosynthetic building blocks within nearly every living creature, terpenes are the primary constituents of the essential oils of many types of plants and flowers and are widely used as natural flavor additives for food, as well as fragrances in perfume.

Sounds a little bit like the fragrance of His presence and the salt of the earth, doesn’t it?







Check out this “heartwood” of a 27 year old tree.
RCC will be 29 this June.

for His Kingdom,
Pastor Alex

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Sun. June 25: Missions Market after service. Support our missionary Anna Marie Mazzone by creating something to sell or buying something at our artisan's market!
Sun. July 2:  Freedom Sunday!  Invite your friends and family to join us as we celebrate Independence Day with a BBQ Potluck following service.  Burgers and Dogs and Drinks will be provided.  Bring your favorite side dish!
August 18-20: Save the date for RCC's FREE, no-host Family Camp on Camano Island!  Everyone's invited, details coming soon.
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